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1) what shall I do if a product is not the same as I had ordered,?

A. In such case you can put forth your request to us through contact us form present on the site and ask for a refund or a return. For further details please visit our Refund policy .

2) How many products can I purchase in a single order?

A. Any number! There are no restriction of such sort, provided the product is in stock.

3) How can I track the progress of my order?

A. With the help of the order Id you can trace the movement in your order's progress. The order Id will be provided to you with the order confirmation mail.

4) Can I contact the customer care in the morning hours?

A. You can contact the customer care anytime you want. Our customer support is open for the customers for24 hours round the year.

5) Does the cost of the product includes the import duty charges along with the shipping charges?

A. No, the import duty charges is the responsibility of the customer and the customer has to take care of it.

6) Is there any registration fee to be paID for creating an account?

A. We provide free online registration .You don't have to pay anything to create an account with us.