Our Privacy Policy brings the various aspects of our data collection process, the types of data collected, the use of the same, the storage of the data being collected and its security, and various similar topics. Please read the following to stay enlightened.


We collect your personal data through various mediums such as through account or order registration form, and via cookies. The order registration form and the account registration form helps us to collect few of the main details that are required to complete the delivery processing successfully. Without your consent, it would not be possible. They cover basic information such as name, address, phone number, and email Id.

The cookies retrieve (only) the IP address from your system that helps us to set the website according to your interest and preferences. It won't be able to gather your personal details unless you give it yourself via the above-mentioned forms.


The data collected helps in customizing the site according to the users' interest, and more importantly, aids in completing the order processing hassle free and successfully. For that, we share some of your important details with our delivery partners with an aim of smooth delivery without being vulnerable. Your personal information, such as email ID is usually used for communication by us in order to provide you with the payment receipt, tracking URL, special offers, newsletters, and so on.

The Credit card details will be collected after the order confirmation only. We ensure a complete security while you provide any kind of information to us.

This site, greenherbcare.com employs COOKIES. By using the site or by closing this message you are agreeing to our policies. Kindly read our renewed policy.

For queries in relation to the services we offer and the products we provide, please contact our customer care or write to us.