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Terms & Conditions

Hello dear customer,

This policy states the different termsto which the user gets bounded once he/she starts using the site. Werequest you to carefully view the policy and review the points beforemaking a transaction with PROSTAR TRONICS PTE. LTD . From hereon, the words –'We' and 'you' signifies the company and the user respectively.

Company's Copyright

The copyright for all the images,videos, text, sound or any other such information present on the siteis reserved by PROSTAR TRONICS PTE. LTD. The user can use the content presenton the site for informational purpose, but shall not misuse or useit for commercial purpose. User shall not distribute the content orany other information available on the site neither shall copy orpaste the content from the site or to the site.

Making Amendments to the site'sinformation

Being the company to display it, wereserve the rights to change the content of the site, add or reducethe content from the site. For knowing what all changes have beenmade to the site the user should visit the site. The changes madewill not be notified to the user personally. The changes made to thepolicy content will be effective from the time its been uploaded onthe site.

Hampering the site

Trying to hamper the site using themeans of viruses, infected codes, malicious text, obscene images &videos, or any such element will be dealt with legally. Doing so theuser shall be subjected to severe punishment.

The Trademarks

Every trademark present on the site isowned by PROSTAR TRONICS PTE. LTD.

Product's Availability

It can happen that sometimes theproducts displayed might not be available, but you will be informedof the same while purchasing. The product if not available thereplacement for the same will be offered, in case you are interested.

Usage of the site content

If the user faces any damage to theirsystem due to usage of our site, we shall not be held responsible forsuch instances. The user shall surf the sight according to theirconvenience but on their own risk.

You can take our help any time bycontacting our customer care anytime. Please discontinue the usage ofthe site if you find any issues with the terms presented here.


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